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Some fun figures for you: we have 38 members on who list their interests as ‘daydreaming’, eight as ‘birdwatching’, 365 are into ‘yoga’, 433 are crazy for ‘coffee’, 86 are revelling in ‘rollerblading’, 31 are loving ‘cheese’ and one is into ‘mice’ (well, watching her snake eat mice – yes, really!) Indeed, we are a diverse community, with lots of different hobbies, so how do you find other members that share the same interests as you? Community Assistant Calvin puts on his teacher cap to show you how…

Part of our mission at is to connect you with like-minded members: did you know you can search for members through the Interests/Activities section? Let’s do an example together using pictures, because it’s prettier and so much easier to follow!

1. Within your main profile page, scroll down to the ‘Details’ section and look at your Interests/Activities. Now, if you’ve bothered to take the time to fill out your profile properly, like all good members do (ahem), you’ll see a clickable list of all the things you like and love that make you fabulous. :) So, as the image below shows, I’m interested in Art, Cinema, Film, Flea Markets, Music, Nature, Photography, Swimming, Beach and sunshine, and cinema and visual arts.

    2. Click on one of these interests and you’ll then see a list of all, yes, ALL the other members that share the same passion. For example, I’m really into art and I’d like to find new friends to go to galleries with here where I live in Barcelona. By clicking on ‘Art’, a new page loads with every other member that has included ‘Art’ as an interest/activity.

    3. So, as you can see in the image below, the results page shows that there are 3,256 members that are also into art (we’re a cultural bunch, aren’t we?!) Cleverly (what did you expect?), the search results automatically show members that are closest to you first. This is perfect if, like me, you want to meet people in real time, outside of the web. You can use the ‘Filter’ on the righthand side of the page to then customise results further by gender, orientation, age, country, relationship status, etc.

    4. As I’m looking for someone to hang out with and do arty things together, age, gender and orientation are irrelevant, so I’m just going to filter by country and city. I can then see that there are six members in the Barcelona area that are also into art, check out their profiles direct, and send a private message and hopefully connect to start doing things together!

    5. OK, so all this is great, but be aware of what you enter in your Interests/Activities section and how it may affect how many other members you can search for. For example, within my interests I’ve included ‘Cinema’, ‘Film’, and ‘Cinema and Visual Arts’. That’s not really necessary (typical greedy me!). By clicking on ‘Cinema and Visual Arts’ I can see there is only one other member with the same interest, and as I’ve already chosen Art as an interest, it’s better to delete this option. Cinema and film are essentially the same (right?) but there are hundreds of members who have selected both of these options so I want to keep both too, so I have more members to search through.

    6. Make an effort to review, edit and add to your Interests/Activities section. To edit your interests, go to ‘My Profile’, ‘Edit’ and then click on the ‘About’ tab. Here you can remove and add to the things you originally included when you signed up.

    We currently allow you to type in whatever you want in the interests section which is great for showing off your individual personalities and sense of humour. However, you may want to consider adding regular, one-word options such as ‘Photography’, ‘Swimming’, ‘Gym’, ‘Nature’, etc, if you want to search for other members through this method, as these will be more popular.

    Also, because we allow you to type in what you want through an autofill form, you may find many variations of the same item, or you may have made spelling mistakes in your entry. Go back and check for any errors you may have made when filling in this field and correct it. Remove any full stops at the end of entries. Only use the capitalised version, etc.

    Follow all these tips and you’ll be well on your way to maximising your chances of searching out members with the same interests as you! Phew! Now let me go and get back to my birdwatching! :)

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