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Jessi Keller


  • Bisexual Female

  • American American

  • Portland, OR, United States

About Me

I'm Jessi. Just a girl. But not the exact same as everyone else.. And I like that about me, that will never change. I'm a bit of a hippie.. lol. I believe in peace and love. I also believe when the time comes to be strong, you can not waver. I'm a sweet girl, I believe, but human beings aren't playthings for amusement, and I don't appreciate being toyed with. I believe that by me putting my positive energy out into the universe everyday, and that by always doing my best to do right by others.. That potentially if I try hard enough maybe my influence might make someone's day a little better. :] Overly utopian ideals,.. perhaps. The world isn't always that simple, I know, but I've always been an avid believer that the dreamers who spend their days trying to make this existance just a little bit better for the rest of us, pave the way.

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